Debee DiMenichi life coach

Experience the
Freedom of a Quiet Mind

with Debee DiMenichi, Life Coach Mentor & Turnaround Queen


Does so much of your world feel exciting but also bloody hard?

And lonely?

If I could eavesdrop on a private conversation between you and your best friend, might I hear:

“I need to do more…I won’t be able to support myself…I need more money, more time, more courage, more clarity before I put myself out there…people don’t want to hear what I have to say…I’m overwhelmed…I need to be kinder to myself but how do I do that?…they’re so much better than me…Its dangerous to slow down…I need to stop procrastinating and DO something…I’m stuck…I’ll never get this right…I should be doing more for my family/partner/children/parents…”

Am I right? What if it isn’t about a longer to-do list? What if its about curiosity and compassion?

  • What if you could really be heard? Right now. In all the chaos?

  • What if, together we could peek under the bed or in that dark closet while holding each other’s hand and find the treasures there?

  • What if it didn’t always have to be about someone else?

  • What if you could allow yourself to be in the spotlight of love for just a little while?

And a little while more? And a little more?

What might be possible? What might you do? Who might you be?

Liz Gilbert said, “Magic is nothing more than what wants to happen next.” Could this be the magic that wants to happen next in your life?

If your answer is yes… If you aren’t sure but feel a tug to investigate further, then explore my programs below - or get in touch for a free mini-session. I would love to hear from you.

Hi! I’m Debee. Life Coach Mentor & Turnaround Queen. And I help life coaches and seekers like you do the deep work of meeting your thoughts with compassion so you can experience the freedom of a quiet mind and live on purpose.  

Here’s How We Can Work Together:


7 Week Group Coaching Program Depart:April 16th, 2019 and Return: May 28th

There’s only room for six. And me. Seven coaches. Seven weeks.

Don’t worry too much about what to pack. You already have all you need and as far as those unwanted beliefs, we’ll most likely be trading them at rest stops along the way, making room for new ways of thinking. This trip is about getting away. Settling in on long stretches of road that allow us to ponder, to breathe and to go beyond where we’re living now.

with Debee

I offer personal, individual coaching by telephone to clients near and far. I feel that I have a sacred obligation to hold your hand on the journey, to be with you until you can throw open the door of your generous heart and invite all the banished parts of yourself to join you at the table, so that you can get on with why you’re here and be who you were born to be. To explore my private coaching options, send me an email and I’ll get in touch with you to set up a discovery session so we can get to know each other and see if this is the next step on your journey.


About me…

I am a Southern woman in the third act of my life. I see the sunrise most days on the summit of a granite mountain and I’m quite useless after nine pm.

My husband asked me to dance forty three years ago and we can still cut a rug.

I collect the bones, feathers and shells of animals because they call me to mystery and comfort me with evidence of a life lived.

When I feel safe, I’m liable to say just about anything. I believe in telling the people I love that I do and I often use words like honey, sweetheart, darling, fuck and bullshit.

I am a connector of dots and a restorer of peace.

Writing is my way in and my way out. Writing is how I pray. And listening is my offering.

I feel that I have a sacred obligation to hold your hand on the journey, to be with you until you can throw open the door of your heart and invite all the banished parts of yourself to join you at the table.

I am a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach & Graduate of the School of the Work. I’ve spent years guiding individuals & intimate groups on their journey home to a quiet mind and the deep calling of their lives. I am a guide and mentor for the Martha Beck Coaching Community, where I share my love of the Work on weekly calls. I am known as the Turnaround Queen.

If you need a coach who has arrived we probably aren’t a fit. I still stumble into the dark woods from time to time, only now I know how to find my way home.

“Debee’s group facilitation of Inquiry has helped me more than any other single coaching tool. I not only have gained more compassion for myself and others but I also feel more confident using the Work in my dating coaching. If it hadn’t been for Debee, I might not be coaching today. That’s what a big difference she made in my life!”
— Anne Marie Polich - Dating and Relationship Coach