A seven week program for seekers who desire to strengthen their relationship with The Work, their peers and themselves and experience the glorious freedom of a Quiet Mind

with Debee DiMenichi, Life Coach Mentor & Turnaround Queen

There’s only room for six. And me. Seven seekers. Seven weeks.

Strangers in a convertible for seven weeks? (it’s actually a conference call but we can dream, can’t we?)

What will we do?

  • We’ll get away.

  • We’ll share the things that seem to be getting in our way

  • We’ll get quiet and allow the road to show her magic.

  • We’ll be surprised. What’s a road trip without surprises?

  • We’ll call up a banished part of ourselves and invite her/him for a cheeseburger at a hole in the wall diner.

  • We’ll connect. To Source. To each other. To ourselves.

  • We’ll do a deep dive into the Work together on a mutual belief that comes up in each of our very personal lives. Such as, “This will never go away.” We each find a red-hot moment when we were believing that thought and answer from that place. (The Work is a meditation where we question the beliefs that cause our suffering-if you’d like to see the Work in action, go to the work.com)

Don’t worry too much about what to pack. You already have all you need and as far as those unwanted beliefs, we’ll most likely be trading them at rest stops along the way, making room for new ways of thinking and being.

This trip is about getting away. Settling in on long stretches of road that allow us to ponder, to breathe and to go beyond where we’re living now.

What to Expect:

  • A beautiful trepidation (when something is about to happen that you’ve wanted but that you’re scared to death of it actually happening)

  • Seeing old things in a new way

  • Assumed dead-ends that morph into turnarounds you never dreamed possible

  • Trust building. Trust in your own GPS. Trust in the goodness all around us.

  • A newfound confidence in using the Work.

  • Permission to slow down and own your experience.

  • Hands-on instruction on how to meet the beliefs that are tripping you up and causing you to suffer with deep compassion.

  • Relief from the hamster wheel of thoughts that plague you.

  • A safe container so you can be who you are, where you are and how you are.

  • A return to curiosity and magic and wonder.

  • Learning the subtle, but relationship changing difference between apology energy and true amends

  • An aLL-inclusive road trip meaning its not a-watch-from-the-sidelines-kind of trip. We’ll work together, play together, heal together, laugh and cry together.

What You’ll Need:

A willingness to go off road, to try new forms of nourishment in places you might have driven by in the past without a thought.

What You Won’t Need:

Travel guides. There’s no need to read up and study. This isn’t a test or a competition. Part of the joy of a road trip is not knowing all the details.

That might feel scary.

But don’t worry.

I know these roads.

“What is this place called Quietmind,” you ask?

Quietmind is a return to home. It’s what’s left after all the endless accusations and chatter have been loved, nourished and put to bed. It’s where your creativity lives. It’s you before you believed you were separate.

Why would we take a road trip if we’re trying our best to reach home? Because often, finding home requires us to leave the home we’ve known. Will you put down the weight of your aloneness and allow me to walk you home to a quiet mind?

Here’s your itinerary should you choose to travel:

We depart:

  • April 16, 2019 @11:00 am-12:15 pm Eastern time via conference call. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY MIDNIGHT APRIL 8TH.

Your investment: $375

What’s included?

  • 7 weekly group calls

  • Private Facebook group just for us

  • One 30 minute individual coaching session (available before or during our trip)

Debee Image.jpg

Some Kind Words

from previous road trippers

My experience with Debee has been like slowing down and looking into a kind of mirror. She has a way of reflecting back what seems to me like a scattered story and brings a coherent perspective to what’s happening in my thoughts and feelings with love and open-heartedness. Her years of experience in teaching multiple therapeutic methods of self-healing and inner thought clarification has been a guiding compass consistently leading me back to a sense of home within myself.”
— Cliff Trammell - Innovator and Ethnographer
The group work I’ve done with Debee gives me a chance to slow down, meet with others who are interested in uprooting the deep tangled limiting beliefs from which our actions grow. The systematic sequence of questions guide me to dig deeper and deeper. Doing this work with others is an invaluable aspect as they provide real time new perspectives that reveal even deeper root systems and the currents feeding them. I especially love the physical feelings I get to experience throughout the process. Proof of how our thoughts affect our health Feeling the constrictions then the eventual freedom.
— Cybele Steen - Yoga Teacher