I’ve been working in a group with Debee for years. My soul seems to settle in to its own little armchair as all the familiar voices gather. The topics always hit close to home, even when I think oh, I’ve dealt with that, I’m soon humbled and totally immersed. To have the contribution from each person as they deep dive is the most comforting part of the process. It gives me recognition of my hidden feelings and thoughts and permission to own them. And when I’m deep in my own stuff I take deep comfort in the fact that I am seen and that we share and struggle in our own special way. Group coaching with Debee has been the vehicle by which I have eagerly welcomed so many ‘don’twant-that-to-ever-happen-agains’ and become stronger, more empowered, more compassionate, more centered, more resilient. I have a broader repertoire of emotions felt more deeply and a deep connection to a group of individuals that I’ve come to grow fond and comfortable with.”
— Bev Chaba - Cattle Rancher, Sage and Seeker of Truth

Debee is really good at guiding small groups through the difficult terrain of their scary thoughts to a place of safety. Having been a participant in many of her treks I can assure you that you’ll always arrive at the end of the journey lighter, a warm glow of connection in your heart and more often than not, laughing. She is an expert at helping participants slow thoughts down so what is usually glossed over comes to light for a chance at being consciously changed. Debee has a beautiful way of including everyone in the process, highlighting and leveraging our shared humanity. In the age of social media compare and despair, her work shows us that we are not at all alone in the fears and insecurities that we’ve convinced ourselves separate us from others.
— Kathryn Lucatelli - Energy Coach

Debee’s group facilitation of Inquiry has helped me more than any other single coaching tool. I not only have gained more compassion for myself and others but I also feel more confident using the Work in my dating coaching. If it hadn’t been for Debee, I might not be coaching today. That’s what a big difference she made in my life!
— Anne Marie - Polich Dating and Relationship Coach

My experience with Debee has been like slowing down and looking into a kind of mirror. She has a way of reflecting back what seems to me like a scattered story and brings a coherent perspective to what’s happening in my thoughts and feelings with love and open-heartedness. Her years of experience in teaching multiple therapeutic methods of self-healing and
inner thought clarification has been a guiding compass consistently leading me back to a sense of home within myself.
— Cliff Trammell - Innovator and Ethnographer

Words. Language. Compassion. Patience. Grace. All these things have changed in meaning for me thanks to Debee and The Work, everything has connection now where there was only self-will against the rolling tide that I would resist. I can give myself a break and I can find joy and laughter in some of the darkest places.”
— Andrew Hamrick - Actor

I’m not comfortable speaking in a group, especially about personal things. However, the environment in Debee’s group is one of trust. I come together with perfect strangers and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by sharing how we feel in our “red-hot moments. Debee achieves this by being a part of the group. She opens up and is vulnerable, too. This has allowed me to dig deep and I’ve learned to trust myself and face issues head on; to step into “the thing that I am” by working through my different beliefs.
— Samantha Menocal-Mortgage Underwriter